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Taxvej 14-16, 2880 Bagsværd (see map How to get there 

The church is open for visitors Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Sunday 11:30am to 4pm (in summertime also Saturdays 11:30am to 4pm, see note below), though not during church services.

Church is closed for visitors on: SATURDAYS from the 1st of November through the 31th of March, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New year’s eve, New year’s day and Good Friday.

Please note that on most Mondays and Fridays, the church is preoccupied with services and may be closed to visitors. Please contact the church staff +45 44 98 92 94 for further information.

E-mail the church staff about tourist visits to the church


The church office Taxvej 14 is open

Monday to Tuesday at 9:30am to 1pm,
Friday 1:30pm to 16pm, Tuesday also 3:30pm to 6pm

Telephone 44 98 41 41

E-mail: best(at)km.dk

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