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They built the church

It was the architect Jørn Utzon who created Bagsværd Church. But he also inspired his colleagues to produce fine craftsmanship. So they must also be included in the list of those who built the church:

  • Responsible for the Building: Bagsværd Parochial Church Council
  • Architect: Jørn Utzon
  • Principal Contractor: Dansk Entreprenørselskab Christiani og Nielsen A/S
  • Engineers: Erik Skibstrup, Arne Lundgren, Godtfred Jensen, E.Lillie
  • Engineer Responsible for Installations: J.Byskov Ovesen
  • Prefabricated Units: K.H. Beton A/S
  • Electrical Installations: Carl Th. Malling A/S
  • Aluminium Roof: Svend Eckeroth
  • Carpentry: Svend Hass A/S
  • Plumbing and Heating: Erik Bjørkholt
  • Skylights: Dansk Velux A/S
  • Metal Work: C.F. Rødtjer
  • Painting: N. Knigge-Olsen
  • Bells: Thubalka, Vejle og Eijsbouts, Holland
  • Organ: Poul-Gerhard Andersen og Kurt Kærsgaard
  • Textiles: Lin Utzon
  • Assistant Architect: Jan Utzon